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Power Generations industry

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Power Generations industry

 EIC partners can innovative solutions and market-leading technology for the well-engineered product range includes everything from components to complete systems for at all process stages in the power plant industry. 

coal or biomass Leading products for bulk material handling in power plants Innovative solutions and market-leading technology for solid fuel-fired power plants and industrial boilers.

Bulk material handling in coal-fired power plants and all associated sectors of industry is big business. The work is highly sought after, fiercely bargained for and stable – in terms of future-proofing. The market-leading solutions for weighing, feeding, and automating in the field come from whose products are amongst the most reliable in the industry. The well-engineered product range includes everything from components to complete systems for bulk material handling at all process stages in the power plant industry. Our systems transport, screen and feed several million tons of raw materials a year. We can handle everything from coal, limestone, biomass and other alternative fuels to by-products from power plants such as ash and gypsum, by land or sea, by rail or road. For our customers around the world, our systems and components are a guarantee of maximum reliability and precision; for every boiler type and a very wide range of material properties. In order to reduce NOx and CO² emissions in power plants, the flow of fuel and subsequent optimum combustion is crucial. Our range of gravimetric feed systems delivers precise feeding providing a safe, reliable, and consistent material flow thus ensuring smooth production, increased efficiency, and shorter downtimes. The gravimetric feed systems are therefore the most commonly used and most well-known fuel feeders in the modern power plant sector.

The increasing use of biomass to provide low carbon, cost-effective, and reliable renewable power requires handling systems that minimize dust to provide a clean and safe environment. By using proven pneumatic conveying technology that has been successfully used over many years and recently installed in one of the largest power stations in Europe, we able to use this expertise on other Biomass conversion projects for the Power Industry worldwide.

Environmental controls equipment offers solutions to address filterable particulate matter emissions. Our products lower baseline emission rates, reduce emissions during transient operating conditions, and manage changes in inlet grain loading, fuel chemistry, and gas flow. Through our numerous global locations, we are able to provide local resources to support the individual requirements of our customers. provides expertise from concept development through the life of our equipment. We are able to meet special customer needs while maintaining excellent customer service around the world.

In addition, our efficient transport solution for power plants constantly increasing energy costs are making alternative fuels more and more appealing for more than just energy-intensive, our situations are available from conveying systems, scrap tires as an alternative fuel.

The reliable generation, transmission, and distribution of power can only be ensured with flawless technology in power plants – regardless of whether the focus is on crude oil, coal, natural gas, water, or renewable energies. In order to meet the considerable predicted power consumption requirements worldwide, we are ready to provide assistance, with our products and our many years of experience in all of the stated applications with our two, three, and four-spindle screw pumps, as a reliable partner.

however, our pumps are not just found in power engineering plants such as power plants. When it comes to power transmission, our two and three-spindle ranges have been used successfully for many decades ,
As well as a Vacuum cleaning system