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Cement & Building Materials

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Cement & Building Materials

EIC understands that the cement industry is one of the most competitive industries throughout MENA, playing a crucial role in meeting our society’s needs.  With EIC we are here to help you to create a production line with our solutions that will increase your supply sufficiently and effectively while decreasing your yearly costs.

A globally recognized for high performing material handling systems and technologies. The core solutions include weighing equipment, feeders, vibrating screens, and conveyors, backed by train loading, logistical and automation controls.  Alongside the cement and alternative fuels industry.

Probably no one who could tell us something new about the modern preparation of materials. In fact, we do not only offer our innovative Grinding mills type MPS and MVR but also a wide portfolio of machinery for separating, drying, slaking, and calcining. For any of your applications, we have the perfect solution from one source. And of course, with the quality, you expect from us.

EIC partners can process-optimized overall grinding plants.

As a full-line supplier, we offer solutions for the conveying, loading, filling, palletizing, and packing of loose and bagged bulk materials. We do transport of bulk material, loading of bagged materials, palletizing and depalletizing and packing system.

In addition, we do supply conveying technology, loading technology, storage blending bed technology, and system technology for Alternative fuels.  with huge experience in palletizing technology and packing technology.

Our Vacuum cleaning system (S series mobile or centralized) to clean the conveyor belts, the elevators, the production lines, the packaging area, the dispatching area. Reduction of the stops of production, reduction of the maintenance cost, recovery of the product spillages, increase of the environment quality, and safety for operators.