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About Us


Engineering Investment Co. Ltd was funded in Jordan in 1968 represents one of the most dynamic industrial companies  


EIC works and implements values that helped us to establish ourselves as a premier company and achieve our long-range objectives.


To help our partner’s principals become the supplier of choice in the markets in which EIC operate


Certified Professional Manufacturers’ Representative (CPMR) providing outsourced sales functions to manufacturers, regardless of industry.

We conduct our business with the highest ethical standards and belief that values are fundamental to our success.

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Quality Performance Statement

Our function is to satisfy the market needs of our principals and our customers is such a unique different manner that we are recognized as industry leaders and innovators, we earn this position by conducting the basics of our business correctly the first time.

Our recognition in the marketplace shall allow us to participate in all opportunities that become available in this marketplace.

Our focus is creating a total quality operation under five categories:

1. Customer force

2. Positive principal relationships

3. Clear Direction

4. Supporting System

5. Character and Leadership

Statement of Philosophy, Mission, Vision and Quality

Engineering Investment Co. Ltd was founded in Jordan in 1968 represents one of the most dynamic industrial companies.

We Exist by the approval of our customers and the manufacturers we represent. Our function is to serve our customer’s interests by representing only quality lines whose policy in common is to provide a high level of service.

Our personnel have brought Engineering Investment Co. Ltd to the successful position we hold in the industry today, we are proud of our heritage, and we are committed to achieve even greater success.

EIC People make the difference: Therefore, it is important that we

  • Attract, motivate, and retain the most talented people in our industry.
  • Provide opportunities for all employees to develop and make the best use of their abilities
  • Keep an open mind to new ideas and encourage innovation and risk-taking with the knowledge that sometimes we do not succeed.
  • Promote mutual trust and respect for each other through open timely tow ways communication
  • Provide fully competitive compensation and promote from within whenever possible.


We define (Best) as a steadily growing company that represents quality product and supply outstanding service to our customers while providing a superior return to our owners.

Excellent is our way of work by :

  • Market premium quality products that are priced fairly.
  • Take pride in the products and services we provide.
  • Provide leadership and rewards that will motivate employees to practice excellence in every dimension of their jobs.
  • Establish plans and priorities which are consistent with our strategic objectives.

EIC work and implement by our values which helped us to be a premier company and achieve our long-term objectives

Engineering Investment intends to be a professionally managed sales representative organization. One that provides a skilled sales force for a number of quality manufacture, who will market their products to prospective customers in a defined territory namely (MENA).

All our Principals partners maintain the criteria of Having a standard Excellent catalogs brochure, Website, YouTube channel, detailed platforms, and videos, they have is desirable that in addition to the standard products they have also custom capability.  “Tellier make solutions”. And having a high level of technical and service support