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Mining & Minerals

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Mining & Minerals

No matter what mining plant you may have, safety and production are the keys to meeting the supply and demands within your industry. With EIC we are able to offer you solutions that are top of the range, will increase production and safely handle your material goods.

A high performing material handling systems and technologies. The core solutions include weighing equipment, feeders, vibrating screens, and conveyors, backed by train loading, logistical, and automation controls.  Alongside the cement and alternative fuels industry.

EIC Partner has efficient bulk handling solutions for the mining industry, mined raw materials travel along extensive transport routes. Our systems ensure smooth, economical, and environmentally friendly processing at each stage of materials handling. EIC partners have solutions for conveying and loading technology, storage and blending, and port technology.


Vacuum cleaning system (S series centralized or F100 Top centralized) to remove dust from the surface of the plant.

Reduction of the risk of explosion, increase of the environment quality and safety for operators.

To cope with the large variety of separation tasks in the various Mining and Refining applications, a developed a dedicated range of filter solutions in order to maximize the performance of each utilized filter equipment. We focus on improving five aspects of filtration: the cost of production, the quality of the refined product, productivity as well as safety and environmental footprint. All mentioned aspects are remarkably improved by using Sefar filter solutions.

in today’s demanding solid-liquid and solid-gas separation processes, it is crucial to achieve the best possible production efficiency along with trouble-free filter operation. In order to improve the production yield and decrease the plant’s total cost of ownership. we offer a wide selection of proven filtration and separation products, backed by an experienced staff of industry experts in following mining and refining applications. Alumina/Bauxite

, Base and precious metals, Cement, Chalk, Coal, Fertilizers (Phosphate, Potash), Gravel plants, Iron ore, Kaolin and clay, Lithium, Rare earth, Titanium dioxide.