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Grain & Agriculture

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Grain & Agriculture

The food and beverage industry is one of the most cutthroat industries where customers want a fresh and well-managed stock that meets the supply and demands of product goods. EIC solutions will provide a product that is effective and efficient while maintaining the quality and quantity of your products as you transport it to your relevant suppliers.

we offer a diverse range of high-quality food processing solutions, including Sifters, Grinders/Mills, Mixers, Pneumatic Conveyors in Dense Phase, Air Filtration Weighbelts, Feeders, Airlocks, and more. Specific to powder processing and material size reduction, our offering NOW also includes leading product brands. Our Food processing systems can handle your materials from raw, all the way to the packaging line. Our sales and engineering personnel will work with you to select the most appropriate, cost-effective, and energy-efficient technology for your product. Through providing an integrated, complete offering in powder processing, pneumatic conveying, weighing, feeding and dust collection system solutions, we eliminate the need for working with multiple suppliers.

In addition, EIC partners have efferent safe and secure packing for the food & beverage industry.  Our stretch hood® series covers and wraps foodstuffs and beverages stacked on pallets quickly and reliably using a protective stretch hood and packs them into stable loading units as packing for safe transport.

In the food industry efficient and economic liquid-solid separation is a vital process and the key to proper product. We offer a wide range of filters and filter media designed for use on various equipment including drum filters, vacuum belt filters, filter presses, vacuum dryers, plan-sifters, purifiers, centrifuges, Vibro sifters, and many others. Our unmatched experience includes state-of-the-art food certificates of conformity for every specialized product.

To cope with the large variety of separation tasks within food applications, a developed dedicated range of filter solutions and fabrication technologies in order to maximize the performance of filter equipment. We focus on several aspects of filtration: the cost of production, level of dryness, the level of separation, or product productivity as well as safety in food. By using our products you have the guarantee to purchase the most advanced product for your application.