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Iron-ore, Steel & Metal industry

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Iron-ore, Steel & Metal industry

We are working to improve recovery has been active in iron ore mining for more than 20 years by providing its special separation and vibrating solutions to enhance the iron ore recovery rate. We have built up deep relationships with the largest iron ore producers.

Our wide range of vibrating screens and deck media are suitable for different kinds of iron ore separation and can be tailor-made to material size. Additionally, our optimized solutions include vibrating feeder, chutes, gates, and train loaders, etc. For NF metal mining Non-ferrous metals are important resources in infrastructure and technology development for mankind. And efficient separation is critical in improving material utilization. Exploration and preparatory work in mines requires outstanding technology where Schenck Process solutions are used. With our unique know-how and rich experience in the mining industry, we have made great success in processing non-ferrous metal materials, including copper, gold, zinc, etc. Our screening and separating systems are typical for its needs which are durable and extremely reliable under the most difficult conditions.

Whether it be handling raw material or processed material, we have the capability to optimize your Metals handling and weighing, from the point of arrival at the plant, all the way through to despatch. Our engineered systems enable nearly all processes that take place during the production of metals For Steel, these include the production of Coke (from Coal), Sinter, and Pelletizing. Pulverized Coal & Injection within a Blast Furnace, Steel Refining in a Basic Oxygen Furnace, as well as Steel Refining in an Electric Arc Furnace and finally, Steel Casting & Rolling. For Non-Ferrous these include Flash, QSL, TSL, Peirce Smith, Anode, Rotary, EAF, SAF, DC, and Plasma.

We as well offer a Vacuum cleaning system (S series mobile or centralized) to clean the production area, the loading cranes, the furnaces, the filters. Reduction of the maintenance cost, recovery of the product spillage, an increase of the environment quality and safety for operators