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Chemical & Fertilizer

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Chemical & Fertilizer

The chemical and fertilizing sector is one of the most crucial and vital industries that brings growth and development to your economy. EIC has helped many chemical and fertilizing plants to increase production, save costs, and produce products safely and efficiently. Let EIC Group find a solution for you.

A high performing material handling systems and technologies. The core solutions include weighing equipment, feeders, vibrating screens and conveyors, backed by train loading, logistical, and automation controls.  Alongside the cement and alternative fuels industry.

we do have solutions for chemical logistics we know the risks when dealing with sensitive materials and the complexities involved in their handling and transportation.  Our solutions can be in end-to-end warehouse management system, forming, filling, and sealing, end-of-line logistics, flexible packing solutions, and tailored conveying situations.

As well as Solutions from Pump Technology, such as Delivery pumps for basic, fine and specialty chemicals, Solutions from Extrusion Technology, Twin screw extruders and systems for the stabilization of polymerization products reactive extrusion the foaming of polymers

chemical process engineering, screw pumps, acting as displacement pumps, offer hydraulic characteristics which make them indispensable for the entire viscosity range. In chemical applications in particular, the high suction force and the gentle handling of the fluids to be pumped are the outstanding features of this type of pump. In general, all of our pumps can be used in this field, but the most common one is the two-rotor pump.

screw pumps are used to pump clean or slightly abrasive, low and high viscosity fluids with lubricity from poor to good, such as additives, bitumen, resins, crude oil, greases, benzenes, adhesives, silicates, isocyanates, tar, polyols, asphalt, paints/varnishes, paraffin, polymers, and various other chemical products. For chemical and petrochemical applications, the material and safety requirements are correspondingly high. Here, we offer process- and customer-oriented solutions that are perfectly tailored to individual tasks.

Our unmatched experience includes providing innovative solutions for the production of specialty chemicals, zeolites and catalysts, silica, colors, pigments and lacquers, polymers, alumina, magnesium oxide, BPA,  and a broad range of other products.

The right filter media for separation, purification, filtration, screening, and sieving of a suspension or powder in the chemical process industry, In the chemical industry, efficient and economic liquid-solid and powder separation, drying, and product screening for quality control is a vital processing stage and the key to success. Sefar offers a wide range of fabric filters and filter media designed for use on various filter equipment including Rotary drum filter, Pressure leaf filter, Vacuum belt filter, Disc filter, Candle filter, Filter press, Nutsche filter, Vacuum dryer, Bag house, Centrifuge