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Commitment to quality performance

Manufacturer reps are confronted with
unprecedented demand from all sides, from customers and principles, all of whom
want more, better and faster and for less, and these expectations are
constantly rising, reps want to survive in this demand by rethinking how they
do business and how can continuously improve the quality of their performance.


Using this statement to measure your own firm
level of quality performance and guide your continual improvement when you are
confident your firm can live up to some or all of these statements. You can
encourage to include them where appropriate in your company resume, brochure,
presentations, handbook, and other documents. 


The commitment to quality statement
identifies where you should focus your attention to create sustain a total
quality presentative firm under five categories:

 1. Customer force: the true north, and a key source of
strategic and operational direction for all rep firm, this involves learning how
to identify and anticipate your customers’ needs quickly, accurately,
affordably, reliably and in ways that do not hassle your customers. 


  • We are constantly looking for ways to help our customers be more successful, not just for ways to make a sale. 
  • We use a variety of ways to listen to our customers so that we can fulfill their current needs and anticipate future wants. 
  • We make it easy for our customers to give us feedback. 
  • We know the needs, want, hope and fears of all the key influencers and decision-makers in our targeted customer organizations. 
  • If something goes wrong, we take corrective action
    immediately, we keep customers fully informed throughout the
  • We regularly measure customer satisfaction. 
  • We have a formal process in place for reviewing customer complaints
    and feedback with all employees. 
  • We serve as advocates of our customers with our principals.
  • We understand and can articulate the value we add as reps for our customers. 
  • We develop and regularly update business profiles (Mission,
    vision, strategic objective, financial targets, business threats, the development project, etc. ( for our target customers. 


 2. Positive principal
the other Key to long term
success for a representative, building positive principal relationships
requires a long-term commitment to selecting, establishing a nurturing true
partnership based on shared philosophies empathy, shared risk, and mutual benefits. 


  • We have clearly articulated a long-term plan for creating and nurturing true partnerships with selected principals.
  • We use a variety of ways to listen to our principals and understand what they really want except us.
  • We make it easy for our principles to give feedback.
  • We regard our principals as allies not as necessary evil.
  • We regularly measure how satisfied our principals are with our firms. 
  • We know the needs, wants, hope, and fears of our principals with our employees so they fully understand our principal’s business as we as their products. 
  • We work with our principals in a truly consultative and
    mutually supportive fashion.
  •  We constantly strive to educate our principals about changing customer needs. 
  • We have well-developed and procedures for keeping our principals fully informed.  


3. Clear Direction: Develop disciplined focus so that everyone
understands what your firm is trying to achieve and how you add value for your
customers and principals. 


  • All our employees know how we add value for our
  • Everyone in our firm can recite the essence of our mission
    and service strategy. 
  • We set clear priorities and have the discipline to say no to opportunities that would drive us from our long-term plan. 
  • We regularly monitor our performance with measures that are easily understood by all employees. 
  • We have a concisely written business plan and service
    strategy for our firm.
  • The voice of customers plays a critical role in every decision we make.
  •  All employee
    understands the implication of our service strategy in day-to-day work.
  • We all have specific written goals and objectives that make it clear what we trying to accomplish.
  •  We have strict
    standards for quality and timeline to ensure consistently good customer service and principal’s support.
  • We regularly share our results with our employees so that everyone knows if we are achieving our goal.
  • We have a clear and systematic business development plan for identifying and creating new customers.


4. Supporting System: The recognition that everyone in your firm
must work together to fulfill customer needs, these statements also emphasize
the need to look at how well your system and procedure help or hinder the


  • Our customer and principals tell us our system and procedures
    are hassle-free.
  •  We are always looking
    for ways to eliminate internal procedures that either fail or add value or
    hassle our customers and principals.
  • Bureaucracy busting is kept part of everyone’s job.
  • Employees, Principals, and customers have the information they need when they need it and in useful forms to do their jobs well. 
  • We hire people who like people and who want to please the customer, we are crystal clear about the qualities we want in our
    employee, we make them available for everyone to see. 
  •  We make it as easy as
    possible for our employees to be successful and effective.
  •  We are always looking
    for ways to recognize and reward our employee when they go out of their
    way to satisfy a customer or principal. 
  • All employees benefit financially when the firm does


5. Character and
The foundation of your firm,
these statements address what you and your firm stand for, they include issues,
trust, respect, values, and guideline principles, they also speak to critical
role leadership plays in walking the talk. 


  • We walk our talk in everything we do. 
  •  Management care as
    much about the success of the people working for them as they do about
    their own success. 
  •  We truly believe that
    if we take care of our employee our employee will take care of our
    customers and our customers will take care of our bottom line. 
  •  We demand total
    integrity from all members of our firm, and we are tough on even the
    smallest infractions. 
  •  There is a high level
    of truest throughout our firm.
  •  We have clearly
    articulated our values and guideline principles and they serve as for
    everything we do. 
  • Respect of people in the foundation firm. 
  •  For us, quality is a
    frame of mind everyone shares not just a set of procedures.
  •  We have high-performance standards we strive to do everything well.
  •  We respect our people.
    And we treat them as adults, willing and able to do the right things foe
    our customers our principals and our firm.


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